If You Could Get a 10x Return
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(Legally and Ethically),
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Tim Randle from REIClub.com here.

One guy I want to tell you about DECIDED, plain and simple, he no longer wanted to be the bottleneck in his business... the road block to his own financial freedom.
And now - as he will tell you - he makes about a 10x return on his money...

ONE dollar in, 10 dollars out

And... he's a stay-at-home Dad who doesn't actually spend much time working.

Yes, he was making money in Real Estate Investing. Working harder and harder and gaining less and less, until he added one thing to his business model...


Yep. Outsourcing and things get DONE.
Marketing gets going. Things get done.
Leads come in. Things get done.
Deals get made. Things get done.

One dollar in, 10 dollars out.

You see you can heat up a pot of water to 99 degrees Celcius. But unless you fire it up ONE more degree it won't boil.
And a lot of folks run around doing everything from licking envelopes to fielding inbound calls and pre-screening leads - generating a lot of heat - but running out of steam (and time) before they can reach the boiling point.

Personally I know outsourcing is the profitable and sane thing to do. I've learned that (potentially life-changing) lesson myself. Now I can't help but preach the message to other people I care about. And I want to convince you... or at least get you to listen to these three case studies about how outsourcing has MULTIPLIED profits - complete with very specific what, where, how, when details.

You know how this business is. You have to shuck a lot of oysters to find a pearl.. do a lot of tedious busy work to find a profitable deal. So the question is:

Would you rather do all the shucking yourself, or,
Pay someone $2/hour to shuck?

This is what I have for you...

... Three interviews with outsourcing pros who figured it out, tweaked, refined and improved it and profit handsomely from leveraging outsourced labor into personal profits. And not to worry, they're all also Real Estate Investors. So they have to do the same kind of stuff you have to.

You've no doubt heard other folks talk about outsourcing. I know I've listened to many of them. And I thought I pretty much knew it all. But I learned stuff from each of these experts that I've never heard anyone else reveal. Stuff that makes it easier and even more cost effective.

And if you think outsourcing only means somebody in India that just doesn't get "American", I can assure you that's far from true. In these interviews you'll learn how, when and why to stay American as well as how, when and where to go global.

Pull up an ear and let the math ka-ching in your head...

Outsourcing Pro #1: Stay-At-Home Dad,
Virtual Empire Builder

Tim Mai figured out Real Estate Investing after getting laid off from the corporate world. But his business kept him working harder and harder while what he really wanted was to work less and spend more time with his young family. When his attempt at hiring a local employee proved fruitless, he turned to outsourcing.

Smooth sailing immediately? Not exactly, but oh the lessons he learned (and mistakes you can avoid).
Tim has since completely transitioned from a bricks and mortar office to a virtual business and has added other income streams. He has over 20 virtual cogs in his machine that bring in the profits.

In addition to his own Real Estate Investment company, Tim has been President of the Certified Real Estate Investors Association since 2006. He's also a nationally known author, speaker and trainer. And to his two young children that get to spend time with him everyday, he's Dad.

He'll teach you...

  • Do you use this common solution for in-bound calls... a virtual assistant is more affordable and more effective
  • How to get workers in 2010 at 1952 wages
  • Three specific ways to get VAs for 60-75% less than what everyone else tells you do
  • Everybody focuses on this - that's what limits you
  • No guru has ever told you to get VAs here, but it's a gold mine AND they're less expensive, more loyal and hard working
  • How to turn MORE workers into LESS management work for you
  • Give up 20% get 50% (or more) back
  • How to easily scale up your staff
  • Virtual Assistants from hundreds or thousands miles away - no problem, here's how you monitor them

Outsourcing Pro #2: Queen of a Hive
of Virtual Worker Bees

Marlene Maheu is a trained psychologist. She became an outsourcing expert while running a popular Self Help website scaling up to more than 75 virtual workers at one point.

She used her training as a psychologist to develop successful strategies and tactics for hiring and managing remote and international workers. Just like Real Estate, knowing how to separate the good investments (workers) from the not so good is critical to your success (and sanity).

She brought her outsourcing skills into her Real Estate Investment ventures and also trains Western companies how to successfully outsource.

She'll shrink your head around...

  • What are the key differences between outsourcing and freelancing
  • How to avoid undesirable behaviors from the start
  • Referrals are good, right? Yes, except when...
  • When general requirements are better than specific requirements in a solicitation ad or email
  • The 4 basic things you want your international outsourcer must have
  • Why you want to do a webcam interview and the 3 things to "look" for during the interview
  • Use this test for candidates and grade them on these 3 criteria
  • What questions to ask a reference about the candidate that will accurately predict how good a worker they'll be for you
  • Start here
  • What you NEED to know before using services like Elance, RentaCoder and Odesk

Outsourcing Pro #3: From College Dorm to Entrepreneurial Award Winner

Alan Brymer subscribed to one guiding philosophy while still in his college dorm room breaking into an investment career: you can make more money if you don't do everything yourself.

He's been a successful full time investor since the age of 22. His investment company was named one of the top twenty five companies under five years old by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. He's a frequent guest expert for the media as well as a many times published author.

Alan is Founder and President of the Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association and creator of The Assistant Who Pays Their Own Salary.

He'll school you on...

  • The two simple questions to ask whether you're an unproven rookie investor or a seasoned pro
  • You get what you pay for... not exactly
  • What you can learn from the TV show Criminal Minds that will improve your ability to hire outsourcers
  • One super easy strategy to instantly separate good candidates from not good candidates
  • Do you want local, national or international outsourcers
  • Commission or hourly - here's the black & white rule of thumb
  • How to train your outsourcers for free
  • What a contractor can teach you about outsourcing
  • Are you a control freak? Learn this easy math
  • Independent contractor or employee?

These business-building, lifestyle-changing interviews will come to you in a 3-CD set... listen from your computer, your car, your portable mp3 player or wherever.

Most of us understand the good sense concept of working at our highest potential while paying someone else to take care of the tedious busy work. But like any Real Estate Investment strategy, being aware of the strategy versus knowing the finer details of how to optimally execute the strategy is the difference between paying to learn versus profiting from doing.

These 3 experts have already paid to learn, and tweak, and refine. Now you can skip all the way to the profit from doing at whatever scale you're ready to start at and begin building your empire from there.

"VA Interviews"

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But the most powerful way to make something second nature, to fully integrate powerful, profit-making ideas into your brain, so you can recall them on command, is to use multiple senses to digest the information.

Was there a part that wasn't quite clear...
What to jump to a part for quick review...

You'll have the transcripts to read along with, scan and skip through, study and markup with notes to easily review when you need that clarification or re-introduction.

THAT'S why I went through the extra time and expense of having each interview professionally transcribed.


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These little cheat sheets reveal the most important focus points from each expert. Read over them before listening to the interview to prepare your attention and again after the interview to cement those important points in your memory.


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